EasyZeek company

EasyZeek AS is a privately owned company established in 2018 in Fredrikstad, Norway by six electrical engineers.  The vision was to make everyday life for craftsmen easier, more efficient and to reduce cost of construction.  It is done by offering innovative products and solutions that are timesaving, cost-efficient, with use of less materials and at the same time is HSE-beneficial for the user.

EasyZeek has developed and holds all title and intellectual property rights to a patended solution that identifies hidden objects in building constructions based on NFC for data communication and high accuracy positioning. EasyZeek also works with communication between NFC-tags and building information modeling (BIM) programs to automate control and memoing processes.

EZ concept

EasyZeek is working on a concept for accurate positioning of objects such as installation boxes and downlights boxes in building constructions. A concept as shown in the video simplifies current methods related to both measuring and drilling processes.

Such solution enables installation of wall panels directly to the wall without regard to objects that may are pre-installed in the wall. The objects will be accurate located through the panel afterwards before starting the drilling prosess.

Proof of concept

EasyZeek has developed several PoC-models to prove concept, technology and feasability. The models are able to identify objects at a depth of 6cm (equivalent to 3 layers of plaster boards) and its position with 3mm accuracy.

The models got a simple interface with LED lights for direction indication and display for object information. When the desired position is located, press the center buttons to make an imprint in the surface. Now you know where to drill.