The search tool EZ01 uses a wireless signal technology to locate hidden points of interest in walls and ceilings.

The user must first place a passive technological tag, a sticker, at the object/point of interest that will be located afterwards. Then the wall can be fixed or fully assembled before the user uses EZ01 to locate the desired point of interest.

The search tool will indicate the direction of the tag’s position and releases a “good to go” signal when the center is located. Then the user can put a mark through the markup hole and make the hole!

Essentially, the tool will be used as a tool for locating hidden wall boxes and downlight boxes, but further application possibilities are within range!

The search tool is now in the development phase and we are constantly working together with our partners to correct our prototype for a full-worthy product for the market!


EZ10 or EasySpot is an adjustable extension with the main principle to be placed in the downlight boxes before the ceiling is mounted. The extender will be able to place on other objects as well, and its main purpose is to increase the precision of the search tool EZ01.

The EZ10 is fitted with glue on one side as well as an extension latch in the center that makes it possible to customize the EZ10 for both high and low downlight-boxes.

The EZ10 is initially 48 mm long and fits perfectly in a low downlight- box. The surface is 71 mm wide which is equivalent to the width of common hidden electric-boxes. This allows the EZ10 to perfectly match the EasyTag and the search tool EZ01.

Using EasySpot is both safe and time-saving versus performing countless measurements of the spotlights before the roof is mounted!


EZTG or EasyTag is a passive technological sticker that the user mounts to whatever object of interest that later will be located. The use of the sticker is versatile, but it is mainly designed to fit on standard hidden electro-boxes or EZ10, EasySpot.

The search tool locates EasyTag through both one and two-layer walls and ceilings (total 35mm)!

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