About us

EasyZeek was a student enterprise – now limited company built up by six engineering students from Norway. We’ve all been working as electricians in the past, and that’s the main link to our product idea. As a limited company our main mission is to make the everyday life easier for craftsmen. Either you’re an electrician, carpenter, plumber or just a regular handyman, our tool will revolutionize your way of work. 

EasyZeek develops a compact, wireless “search- tool” for location of objects of interest, hidden behind mounted wall and roof- panels. The only requirement is that you, as the craftsman or handyman, place a passive technological sticker onto selected objects – before the wall/roof is closed. The combination of our search tool and the passive technological sticker is unique and revolutionary. Our product decreases waste, it’s documented more efficient than the “regular” way, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s future designed -with possibilities for cloud information storage and most important of all; it’s EASY to use!

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